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Spindle whorls, or malacates in both Spanish and Nahuatl, are perforated disks used in the production of spun fiber. Handspinning involves a wooden spindle and whorl, with the whorl acting as a flywheel to maintain inertia when the spindle is given a sharp twist.

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Spindlewhorls - Colchestertreasurehunting Domed lead spindle whorls are generally Roman but go through to the post medieval period. Before the use of spinning wheels, spinning was carried out with a spindle and a whorl.

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Spindle Whorls: Ancient Tools for Weavers - ThoughtCo A spindle whorl is one of several tools used by textile producers, and it is an artifact that is just about as universal in form as we humans make. A spindle whorl is a disk-shaped object with a hole in the center, and it is used in the ancient art of making cloth. The presence of a spindle whorl on.

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Glass spindle whorl Period: Imperial Date: ca. 1st–2nd. Glass spindle whorl Period: Imperial Date: ca. 1st–2nd century A.D. Culture: Roman Medium: Glass Dimensions: H. 1.98 cm.

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Spindle whorl - Wikipedia A spindle whorl is a disc or spherical object fitted onto the spindle to increase and maintain the speed of the spin. For ages the whorls have been made of many different materials: amber , antler , bone , coral , glass , metal (iron, lead, lead alloy), and wood ( oak ).

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Viking Textile Tools - String Page Stone spindle whorls ranged from crude disks cut from broken pots to finely finished and decorated whorls of various shapes. Some appear to have been hand-carved into roughly circular forms, while others were obviously turned on a lathe.

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Spindle Whorls - Spindle whorls appear in the archaeological record of Old World and New World sites. The are still used in a handful of traditional societies. Berber woman in the village of Ait Ben Haddou (near Quarzazate, Morocco) using a spindle whorl.

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Women & Girls in the Ancient World/ PART 1: Spindle Whorls. A spindle whorl is a pierced object, circular in section, used on a spindle to weigh it down and help the spinning process. In the ancient world in general, spinning was done by hand, with a spindle that was nothing more than a rod with a spindle whorl.

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Help With Dating Spindle Whorl New Photos added - MDF. It actually now looks like a straightforward, if slightly badly executed, zigzag with a dot in each triangle formed. variations of this theme are probably the most common decoration on Medieval to post Medieval spindle whorls.